The "Official" Author Bio (for promotional purposes)

Katharine Holabird grew up in a family of architects and artists in Chicago. As a child, she lived in an imaginary world of fairy tales, princesses, and ballerinas, and loved to perform and dance with her sisters. She wrote the first Angelina Ballerina at the kitchen table with her daughters twirling around her. Katharine has three grown children and three grandchildren, and she now lives in New York City with her husband. 

The Longer Version (in case you want more)


I grew up in Chicago in a family of architects and artists, and luckily I had parents and teachers who encouraged a little dreamer like me, with my over the top imagination and powerful emotions. As a child, I was always making up stories and exotic dances with my three sisters. I loved discovering wonderful books, writing heartfelt and hilarious poems and stories, and adored my menagerie of odd pets, including a raccoon and an owl.  


I went on to study literature and creative writing in college, and then became a nursery school teacher and freelance writer in London. True inspiration came when my two little daughters began making up their own stories and twirling around the house in their pink tutus. I wanted to write something for my adorable dancing daughters, and for young children everywhere who love to dance and perform. I picked up pen and paper and began dreaming and writing, and that's when Angelina Ballerina twirled onto the page and made her sparkling debut!

I've always loved fairies and forest creatures, and Twinkle totally captivated my imagination. She's a spirited little fairy child with magical rainbow wings who can't quite get her spells right, but she's always ready to try again - and that's when her wings change from blue to pink. Twinkle lives in the Sparkle Tree Forest and goes to the Fairy School of Music and Magic, where kindly Miss Flutterbee helps Twinkle with her wacky spells.  It's a wonderful new world to discover and write about, and I'm thrilled Simon & Schuster will be publishing four sparkling Twinkle titles, with more to come.  

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