Just for Fun...

An Exclusive Interview with Angelina Mouseling!
with young mouseling reporter Helga Fuzzfur


Q: How do you keep your tail out of the way when you dance? Is it difficult?

Angelina: Tails can be such a nuisance, and it takes years to train them properly! When I was a little mouseling I just didn't know what to do with my tail - it was always getting in the way and I kept tripping over it. Now I practice pointing, balancing, and twirling my tail everyday while I'm
dancing, and I actually feel sorry for those poor ballerinas who don't have a tail.They don't know what they're missing.

Q: I'm a mouseling reporter, and I adore dancing. I read one of your books and would like to go to the ballet. Which ballet should I try first? What's good about it?

Angelina: For starters, Helga, you absolutely must see The Nutcracker ballet at Christmas time. You'll love to see Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing with all those sweets! After that go see The Sleeping Beauty - which has a very wicked fairy and a beautiful princess - I absolutely love princesses!

Q: In your film The Show Must Go On, Priscilla Pinkpaws gets the role of Cinderella Mouse and you have to dance the Wicked Stepmouse. Were you very upset? Do you think Priscilla did a good job?

Angelina: The day Miss Lilly gave Priscilla the role of Cinderella was absolutely the most terrible day of my life. Imagine! I ran all the way home and sobbed for hours. "Priscilla can't be Cinderella!" I howled. Then Miss Lilly phoned and said I had to do my very best no matter how awful I felt... So I had to be the Stepmouse, even though there isn't a wicked bone in my body. Priscilla is sooooo stuck-up it was really hard for her to be kind and charming like Cinderella. But she has a sort of nice voice, I guess.

Q: You were really great as the Wicked Stepmouse. Would you like to dance more 'evil' roles? Are they more fun than princesses and fairies?

Angelina: Isn't it amazing that a sweet little mouseling like me could act like such a nasty old Stepmouse? Actually, it was fun being awful to Cinderella because I knew that she was actually snooty Priscilla Pinkpaws. But in the next performance I'm going to be a magical fairy with sparkly wings - or maybe I'll be the Swan Princess. Ooooooh, there's absolutely nothing better than being a princess!

Q: On your CD you introduce wonderful pieces of ballet music, and really bring them alive. Soon you will be introducing live performances of The Nutcracker. Are you looking forward to it? Are you nervous? Are you going to wear a ballet dress?

Angelina: It was so much fun choosing all that scrumptious ballet music for my Classic Ballet Fovorites CD. Every time I listened to it I had to dance all around my cottage being a ballet star! And I'm soooo excited about introducing The Nutcracker this Christmas. I love to be onstage with all those beautiful ballerinas and sweeties from the Land of Sweets. Of course I will definitely be wearing my best pink tutu, because pink is my top favorite colour. I can't wait to wave to all the children!

Q: How did you become interested in ballet? Does it take long to learn?

Angelina: Of course all little mouselings love to dance, and I started pirouetting as soon as I hopped out of my push chair! My ballet teacher, Miss Lilly, says that dancers have to have lots of discipline, which means you have to practice everyday, try hard not to be late, and remember your hair ribbons. It does take a long time to learn - but it's lots and lots of fun!

Q: What's your favourite ballet? Why do you like it?

Angelina: That is a very tricky question. I like sad ballets like Swan Lake and funny ballets like Coppelia, and of course I loveThe Nutcracker. But I guess my tip top favorite ballet is Cinderella. The ugly sisters are so silly, and I just love it when Cinderella finally gets to wear that beautiful princess tutu and dance at the ball. Next time I'm sure Miss Lilly will choose me to be Cinderella - and Priscilla can be the Wicked Stepmouse!

Q: What's your favourite piece of ballet music? Who wrote it?

Angelina: The music in Romeo and Juliet is so sad it makes me weep buckets - but I love it. And when all the mouselings get cross and have a terrible fight the music makes you you tingle it's soooo powerful. Imagine, all that beautiful music for Romeo and Juliet was written long ago in Dacovia by an old mouse musician, Professor Prokofievski.

Q: Which ballet character would you most like to dance? How would you describe this character?

Angelina: Oooooh, I would absolutely LOVE to be Sleeping Beauty. You see, Sleeping Beauty has a kind heart and she's so sweet and understanding, just like me. Anyway, Sleeping Beauty's not just the fairest of them all, she's a fantastic ballet star!

Q: What advice would you give to other young mice who dream of being ballet dancers? What the most important thing you need to have?

Angelina: Little mouselings need to find a truly lovely ballet teacher like Miss Lilly - and then practice ballet everyday! Of course you have to love dancing with your whole heart, and be ready to practice even when you don't feel like it. Once I made a mistake and went to an audition when I had the flu and that wasn't such a good idea. (I have what Miss Lilly calls "determination", and all dancers need lots of that.)

Q: I've looked for your village, Chipping Cheddar, on my map but can't find it. Where is it? Can I come and visit you for a cup of tea and a slice of cheese?

Angelina: Chipping Cheddar is in Mouseland, silly! Just order a map from the Mouseland National Tourist Bureau. My favorite place for tea is the Pink Peppermint Tea Parlour on Chipping Cheddar High Street. Miss Lilly and I go there for special treats. If you visit be sure to order blackberry tea and tons of cheesey acorn scones. Scrumptious!


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