Twinkle characters- sparkle book
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TWINKLE is a brand new series of books I'm creating with super talented illustrator Sarah Warburton

I've always loved fairies and forest creatures, and Twinkle totally captivated my imagination. She's a spirited little fairy child with magical rainbow wings who can't quite get her spells right, but she's always ready to try again - and that's when her wings change from blue to pink. Twinkle lives in the Sparkle Tree Forest and goes to the Fairy School of Music and Magic, where kindly Miss Flutterbee helps Twinkle with her wacky spells.  It's a wonderful new world to discover and write about, and I'm thrilled Simon & Schuster will be publishing four sparkling Twinkle titles, with more to come. 

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Twinkle's Fairy Pet Day
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Twinkle Thinks Pink book
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Twinkle Makes a Wish book
Twinkle book
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Twinkle and the Fairy Flower Garden book
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Twinkle and the Fairy Cake Mess book

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Twinkle Twinkle Sparkly Star book